The woven leather design of this tote is reminiscent of a bygone era, adding an old-school charm to its overall look. The unique U-shaped handle is a standout feature that adds a touch of sophistication to its classic design.

Time to make: After the leather is made into strips, naturally tanned and prepped, it then takes our artisan 12-15 hours to weave this tote together over a wooden mould.

Material - Full Grain Leather. Natural Dye

Features Summary: The inside is unlined and contains a zippered pocket, 2 slip in pockets, a dog hook to attach your keychain and a removable leather base.

Dimensions: Height 12” x Top Width 18.25” / Bottom Width 15” x Depth 4.25” x Drop Handle 11.25” Weight: 0.98 kg.

A Little About Our Weave Bags

Our team comprises of skilled Artisan Leather weavers who meticulously craft each bag by hand. As a result of this intricate handmade process, each product is unique and one-of-a-kind. Any irregularities in the weaving or variations in color tone, such as two-tone shades or curves, are characteristic of our distinctive crafting method and not a defect in manufacturing.

Due to the use of natural dyes in the coloring of our straps, some slight decolouration or transfer may occur when the leather becomes wet. These variations in tone and texture are an integral part of the allure of this product, and only add to its charm. As time goes on, the bag will age gracefully and develop a distinctive patina that only authentic, traditional leather craftsmanship can produce.


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