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Waist pouch, fanny pack, bum bag, hip pack, belted satchel, call it what you want. What it is, is the most convenient, versatile carry pack for your daily essentials and use. 

We took dads travel pack that has been etched in our childhood memories and modernized it. It's sleek, convenient and built for your everyday use.

It comes with two zippered pockets, one of which is hidden from view to keep your valuables secure. Use it to store your cell phone, little black book, headphones, keys and whatever else that comes to mind. Adjust the leather strap based on your preference to carry it around your waist or as a crossbody.

Materials: Full-grain leather, brass hardware, YKK zips, Ajrakh block printed lining.

Dimension: Width 11.75" x Height 6.5"



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