Thoughtfully Conceived.
Consciously Produced.

We are not just a leather goods company. Leather is simply our favored canvas on which we conceive things that are rich in quality, and story.

We are compulsive artists — interested in old textiles and new art; archival film and digital images; salvaged material and abstract ideas. Our approach is not nostalgic; instead, to celebrate what’s enduring about design. That middle ground of time-honored craft and timeless form.

So, no: we’re not just a leather goods company. We are a design house that creates beautiful life-ready goods.

Enduring Appeal

Fashion today overwhelms us with its narrative of trend-based consumption. That goes against the grain of what we believe in. Albert Tusk was conceived, among other things, as an antidote to disposable fashion — our products are designed to endure.

Our aesthetic stems from a classic vocabulary; our design language is straightforward. We cast a mathematical eye on construction and functionality; hand stitch and hand weave wherever possible; and use the finest quality leather and brass hardware. Our endeavor: to keep things classic, effortless and immune to trends.

The Human Touch

Care and craft, for us, win over being enslaved to production timelines. We took our time to locate the artisans, raw material and heritage craft that would bring our vision to form. Our search ended with where the greatest affinities overlapped: with producers and artisans that were honest, patient and meticulous. Our product line will always be enhanced by collaborations with artists - with whom we share deep human connections. Because we believe that good design becomes excellent design when grounded in shared values.

A Connection That Lasts

Albert Tusk is driven by commitment. A commitment to the pursuit of quality, and honest design. Our leather goods are the means to that end and not the end itself.

We will keep growing our product lines, and enriching our ethos, but we will always be reminded of the most important reason for our existence – You. We see our products as a personal expression; their purchase a decision bound by not just aesthetics, but a shared spirit. And we want them to become cornerstones of your every day, so they can fulfill their promise of lasting companionship.